Namaqualand & Western Cape


10 Days 27 August – 5 September 2022

The bus has a good music system and a TV monitor that can play Bluetooth, aux, cd’s etc. Although it is a 23-seater, we removed 2 seats to make place for an 80-litre fridge/freezer. It has a full air conditioner from the front and the back. We take a max of 14 passengers on a long-distance tour to ensure a comfortable tour for everyone. A large, closed trailer to ensure we have enough space for your luggage, souvenirs, wine and flowers. USB sockets are available at all the seats to charge your phone and we also have a 220volt socket for a laptop if
needed. Although flowers are our main target, we will also visit waterfalls, farm stalls, enjoy riel dancing, great food, Gariep hydro station visit, Karoo, etc.

Included: 9 Nights Accommodation in Lodges and Guest Houses.
Meals and refreshments as indicated. Entrance fees to parks and entertainment.


Day 1: 27 August 2022 (Saturday)

We depart from Alberton at 7h00 and travel to Augrabies just past Kakamas (900km). This will be a long day on the road, but we will have regular stops, visit a farm stall or two, and have cold drinks, snacks,
good music and videos in the bus to make it an enjoyable ride. Our destination will be Augrabies Valle guesthouse.
Included: Refreshments in the bus. We will make regular pit stops and get coffee on the way. Dinner will be a lovely braai at Augrabies Valle guest house.


Day 2: 28 August 2022 (Sunday)

We will have breakfast at the Augrabies Falls and spend some time at the falls and the reserve before we go back to Kakamas where we will be ready for wine, brandy and gin tasting at “De Mas and Orange river wine cellars and a visit at Pienk Padstal.

We travel west towards Pofadder, Springbok to Nababeep where we hope to see many orange madaliefies in the klip koppies. This will be our first taste of the wonderful flowers of the Namaqualand. A visit to the copper museum will end our day in the area and we travel past Springbok to Kamieskroon. (440km)
Included: Breakfast and refreshments. Dinner in Kamieskroon at “Die Kliphuis”.

Day 3: 29 August 2022 (Monday)

After breakfast we take the sand road towards Skilpad and Namaqua National Parks.

This is the heart of the flowers in Namaqualand. We will spend the full day in the area. This reserve has short hiking trails for the more adventures. We will stop at ‘Die Murasie padstal for coffee or our second option will be towards Leliefontein with the beautiful Kamies mountains.

We will stop at a farmhouse which is open in season as a coffee shop. The flowers on this road are mostly orange and yellow. Look closer and you should see a variety of smaller flower species.

Although you will not see flowers all the way the scenery on this sand road is stunning with beautiful mountains and valleys. At the end of the day, we will travel to Garies where we will visit a unique padstal and then go to Sophia’s guest house.

This is a place you will never forget. Breakfast at Sophia’s will be a memorable experience (150km) Included: Refreshments. Dinner and breakfast at Sophia’s Guest House.

Day 4: 30 August 2022 (Tuesday)

After breakfast at Sophia’s, we take the road to Vanrhynsdorp and spend some time at a unique nursery and then off to Nieuwoudtville. On our way, we stop at Bagdad padstal before we take the Vanrhynspass. This pass promises some of the most awe-inspiring, breath taking views of the Knersvlakte you will ever see and then off to the beautiful waterfalls and the Quiver tree forest.

Nieuwoudtville is the bulb capital of the world and if you want to see flowers then you will have a day of absolute flowers. We will explore the endless flowers of Nieuwoudtville on the farm Matjiesfontein and Papkuilsfontein. Pancake and coffee in the NG Church viewing and buying handcrafts then off to see a collection of 300 vintage motorcycles. If time allows then we will see some Nama Riel dancing. We sleep on a guest farm in Nieuwoudtville.

Included: Refreshments. Dinner and breakfast at Clanwilliam.

Day 5: 31 August 2022 (Wednesday)

We enjoy the beautiful road next to the Olifantsriver to Clanwilliam and visit the Ramskop Natural Garden on the banks of Clanwilliam dam. The garden is incredibly diverse with approximately 350 flower species. We go through Pakhuis Mountains and visit the grave side of C.L. Leipoldt. What a stunning pass to go through. The rock formations are fantastic.

One cannot believe how beautiful it is. Landscape is like the surface of Mars. We see some extremely rare flower species and visit extraordinary farm stalls. Then we go to Biedouw valley with the beautiful mountains and stunning flowers. Also hope to experience Nama Riel dancing.

The wildflower show in Clanwilliam is always a must see and then we go to the Jail museum and visit the house of ‘Rooibos’ for tea tasting and products. (250 km).

Included: Refreshments. Dinner and breakfast at Clanwilliam.

Day 6: 1 September 2022 (Thursday)

After breakfast we’re off to Paternoster past the beautiful Citrusdal. This will give the flowers time to open if we have a sunny day waiting for us to explore. At Paternoster we will go into the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve or better known as Tietiesbaai.

Awesome flowers, oldest manned light house in SA, what makes the Cape Columbine reserve particularly special is the huge round rocks that sit just inside the bays and people are drawn here for the space, the sightings of dolphins and whales in season. Paternoster has many unique restaurants, art galleries, The Hotel with the panty bar, padstal, and many more.

A day is too short but unfortunately, we will have to move on the next morning.
Included: Refreshments. Dinner and breakfast in Paternoster.

Day 7: 2 September 2022 (Friday)

We travel through the West Coast National Park and Postberg wildflower reserve. This may well be the highlight of the flowers. This Postberg only opens in the flower season and we have the beauty of the flowers, ocean and wildlife.

We will spend half day in the reserve. Then we will go for a short visit to see the beauty around Yzerfontein and we stop for refreshments at the West Coast padstal and bird park.

Then we’re off to Darling. The small town of Evita Bezuidenhout. Only 20 km from Yzerfontein we book into the Darling lodge where we will be staying for the night.
This old and small-town Darling have so much to offer.

A visit to Evita’s Peron, then off to the cheese factory, darling sweets, wine tasting and wildflower reserve. Darling museum cannot be missed. Also, canola plantations are picture perfect with kilometers of yellow flowers. After a long day we will be entertained with dinner as only the Darling lodge can serve.

Included: Refreshments. Dinner and breakfast at Darling lodge.

Day 8: 3 September 2022 (Saturday)

We start the day with a lovely breakfast at the Darling lodge and then it is time for the incredible Duckit orchard nursery. Surely, they have the largest commercially orchard nursery in the country. A visit where we can buy orchids at wholesale prices and packed for transport.

What a site! In the outskirts you will find many wildflowers and will enjoy a ride in the country. After a great time between Yzerfontein and Darling we will travel trough Touwsrivier and Ceres to one of the jewels of South Africa Prince Albert where we will overnight in a Karoo house with modern time luxury.

At the bonfire we will have a braai and the Vastrap Rieldansers will entertain us with our own private show. You can test your skills and join them.
Included: Refreshments. Dinner will be a braai around the bonfire and breakfast in Prince Albert town.

Day 9: 4 September 2022 (Sunday)

Time to head back home. We will make the road enjoyable with regular stops at interesting places in the Karoo and sleepover close to the beautiful Gariep dam. The last day of the tour and it will not disappoint.

We will visit the Eskom hydro-electric power station for a tour and then a visit and tour inside the dam wall. Gariep dam have awesome views. We will sleep at a unique place called Waschbank river lodge – a game farm on the banks of the Orange river, or at a beautiful Karoo farm called Kareeplaas.

Included: Refreshments. Dinner and breakfast at Gariep dam.

Day 10: 5 September 2022 (Monday)

Unfortunately, we must go home. After coffee and rusks, we will be back onto the N1 to Bloemfontein. We stop at the lovely Kuilfontein padstal in Springfontein for a Karoo breakfast.

Then a relaxed drive on the N1 all the way to Alberton where we should be home with wonderful memories at about 15h00.

Included: Refreshments. Breakfast at Kuilfontein padstal.

All fees to national parks, festivals, museums are included. (+-R1000 pp).
Places we will visit and experiences that we will most likely enjoy if time allow. The bold places are definite.

Augrabies National Park, Nababeep Copper Museum, Skilpad Flower Reserve, Unique nursery in Vanrhynsdorp, Vanrhyns pass, Oorlogskloof National Park waterfalls, Quiver tree forest, Niewoudtsville Antique Motorcycles, Matjiesfontein flower farm, Niewoudtsville NG church, Clanwilliam Wildflower festival, House of Rooibos, Clanwilliam Jail Museum, Pakhuis pass, C.L. Leipoldt’s grave, Biedouw valley, Darling museum, Duckit orchids, Darling toffees, Evita’s peron, West Coast National park and Postberg Flower Reserve, Columbine National Park, Vastrap rieldancers, Gariep dam hydroelectric and dam wall tours. Add the wine, brandy and gin tasting on route and we are going to have a busy but wonderful tour.

Price – R15 600 pp sharing
-R17 000 single

Included: Accommodation, Meals and snacks as indicated and Park Fees.
Excluded: Alcoholic drinks.
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